[And they will say the dark]

And they will say the dark
of your skin will char my lips
and that it doesn’t make sense
for me to say I don’t understand
where the color lives in voices

or why the stars would
execute themselves in front
of the moon of a moving
world, when we know the light
takes too long to reach us

yet I believe your world
is more lyrical than mine,
like it’s something
I would still care about
if you didn’t show me a photo

and if I filled the holes
of their drunken eyes
with gray, maybe they
would believe it


The Day We Became Sun

Like we became two
junkies in love,
and found the missing
lines containing
everything, a shock
felt all at once
the instinct to record
thoughts I never wanted
to touch and now
we’ve forgotten the pieces
we have yet to lose, the earth
to which we are glued,
we learn
how to yank from
from our cells
what is needed,
where to chart the asymptotes
of words we approached
and missed,
how it felt to stand
in the doorway and
only graze past
sadness as if it was
just a pendulum
just a pendulum
to avoid.