blooming out of fire

shattered, unique, resilient
we are intersecting glass splinters
renewing the light born
from shadows a million years old

and if you look close enough
you’ll know the ancient spaces
where we fit right into ourselves

where darkness flips itself over
revolving in kaleidoscopic songs
and the mute buzz of drowned endings

we are teaching each other
how to sing with no ears
the theoretical masks
of delirium and the way
it all stings of life, like
a kiss of fleeting frostbite

look at us with a microscope
you’ll see how it coats our skin
clusters and drenches our eyes

a past home in the gutters that
resonates like an undercurrent
we know the musk of stale air
all too well

and yet there lies poetry
in our freshness

the kind of beauty only true
after hearts are eaten and melodies
are released to die

we are here to prevail

an unanticipated gospel

of malady


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