Cave Musings

O, that cruel darwinian universe
its allure eternal and indiscriminate
bound only by the legacy of circles.

We lie beyond this arduous canopy,
sown with daunting switchbacks,
luminous with our blindness,
hiding within the voids of our smiles.

Into these voluminous green match sticks
I carve my warmth.

I rise to the wizened sky–
to immovable, muted moments,
the inevitability of a sunset,
a sky littered with monumental ashes.

I am but one solitary particle,
stumbling wistfully path to path
a pulsing nebulous
which yearns one day
to bloom as a lily
under the sun.


4 thoughts on “Cave Musings

  1. Your poetic images are beautiful and I think your Darwinian path will someday take you to a beautiful place that will do justice to your sensitive soul ๐Ÿ™‚ Until then, keep that lily alive within you.

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